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Savor it with us


Life Is Meant
To Be Savored

Savor it with us

Savor It Yourself

At Savory Crust, food is more than just energy for the rest of your day. That’s why we believe that we serve up more than just empanadas. Eating is an experience, and we make that personal the minute you walk through the door. Our eclectic menu features flavors from as far as Asia and as close to home as your family’s kitchen. Whatever your mood, you are sure to find an empanada that both surprises and satisfies your tastebuds.

Quality Ingredients

We use the freshest ingredients in everything, from our dough to our sauces, because we believe in using what is in season to produce the very best for our customers.

Global Flavors

We took the empanada, perfected it, and stuffed it from all corners of the world. Every bite will take you on a journey, whether it’s to back home or somewhere new.

Community Driven

We believe that food fuels not just bodies but conversations. We hope that you remember not only your first bite, but also the people you shared it with.